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Impossible is...
I'm possible

Yes! We believe in ourselves. Believe in what you need. Believe in what we can offer. Believe in commitment, quality, support and a clean conscience - elements that build brand equity and relationship. Together, with you, we are a formidable team! Because, our objectives are mutual - brand recall and escalation of a satisfied customer base.

Let us join hands with the conviction to work out an enduring and mutually fruitful association.

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Protip – The graphic designer, Protip also takes care of copywriting & content development, client servicing, production and operations. Occasionally, he also dabbles in photography with an inclination towards the artistic side, and has a personal interest in community development for the marginalised sections ( This elderly youth is very particular about his physique and loves donning colourful (at times unbearable!) clothes. Lovingly called ‘Dada’ – elder brother – he thinks he’s good at preparing tea, the ‘dhaba’ (roadside joint) style! Well… let him feel happy about it!

Amol – At six feet and shoe size 10, Amol is the towering figure. Demure, soft-spoken and ever-smiling, he’s a wizard at SEO and churns out a perfect 10 in customer care while handling any issue related to the digital media. Despite being a techie, he is extremely knowledgeable in essential oils. Occasionally, the other guys also use him as a ladder to reach into the loft… ;)

Kohina – The ‘melody queen’, Kohina is probably one of the best voice-over artistes. She’s a perfectionist and also has a Masters in classical dance. She’s the reason that the music system or the FM radio are gathering dust! Her altruistic nature, sense of humour and an awesome smile can diffuse any tense moment with the flick of a twinkling eye.

Manu – One of the most energetic persons, Manu enjoys toying with the digits 0 & 1. His expertise as a developer, grasp on coded languages and knowledge of movable effects infuse life into web and e-creations. He wields a magic wand on which even Genie has an eye. A philosophical guru, he is also endowed with vast knowledge of spirituality and mythology.